Custom Meat Processing

Wild Game Processing

All custom ranch animals, as well as most wild game, are cut and wrapped to your exact specifications. We will age your animal to obtain its full flavor and tenderness, vacuum package and flash freeze the meat.

Our facilities include a full sausage kitchen, smokehouse and state of the art vacuum packaging equipment. All wild game is cut boneless and vacuum packaged for maximum flavor and freezer life. For an additional fee we can make a variety of smoked and fresh sausages, salamis and snack stix. We can cure and smoke your hams and bacons, as well.

Jerry and his family have hunted all over the west and understand how much time and energy are put into your hunt whether it was a backyard deer hunt or the elk hunt of a lifetime. We will provide top-notch processing for your hard earned trophy.

Custom Ranch Processing

All beef, hogs and lambs are cut to your exact specifications. We will age your animal so that it gets the maximum amount of flavor and tenderness. We will vacuum package (paper wrap on request) and flash freeze your meat before pick up. An inventory sheet will accompany your order. We recommend beef to hang 14-21 days, hogs and lambs 6 days. All hams and bacons are cured and smoked in our smokehouse.

Domestic Prices*

Beef 1.05 lb

Hogs 1.05 lb

Lambs $99.00 ea.

*Prices subject to change without notice




Custom Meat Prices: Effective August 1, 2018*

Wild Game, Deer, Antelope, Wild Hogs, Elk Prices


$135 minimum or $1.35 lb over 100 lbs
Boneless cuts vacuum packaged

*All orders are subject to a $5.00 per day locker storage fee per container if not picked up within ten days of notification of completion.
**California State Law requires that all wild or domesticated carcasses be free of all hair, fur, dirt, stomach content, insect eggs, or larvae before entering the premises, and, that no out of state deer or elk carcasses will be accepted unless spinal column is completely removed or is delivered completely boneless.


Extra Fees

Pork or Beef trim added to grind $3.00 lb
$5.00 per Deer, $10.00 per Elk to season grind
20 lb minimum per flavor
$10 service fee for second flavor grind if under 20 lbs.
Grind trim only
$1.50 lb vac packaged finished weight
20 lb minimum per flavor
plus cost of pork, beef trim and seasoning


Sausage, Etc.

Smoked Sausage Links - (Hot Links, Mild Links, Linguica, Andouille) - $5.00 lb finished weight
(Beer & Cheddar, Jalapeno Pepper Jack) - $6.00 lb finished weight

Fresh Sausage Links - $4.75 lb finished weight
Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Country Style, Chorizo, Bratwurst

Salami - $4.75 lb finished weight, 10 lb minimum
2 lb (avg) Chubs ready to eat!

Venison Snack Stix - $8.00 lb finished weight
10 lbs venison trim = 8 lbs ready to eat!
20% shrinkage, 10 lb minimum


Hang Only

Deer, Antelope, Wild Hogs - $5.00 per day, $20 minimum
Elk & Buffalo - $20.00 per day


Smoke House

Smoked Hams or Bacons - $1.25 per lb fresh weight -$20 minimum
$15.00 per ham to slice - $5.00 per bacon to slice
Smoked Salmon -
$4.00 per lb delivered weight, $20 minimum
Smoked Trout -
$1.00 each, $10.00 minimum $.40 per vacuum package
Smoked Pheasants and Ducks -
$6.50 each, $26.minimum
Smoked Turkeys -
$20.00 each
Smoked Duck Sausage -
$5.00 per lb finished weight, 50/50 pork/duck blend
Duck Stix -
$8.00 per lb finished weight 10% shrinkage

*Prices subject to change without notice.
*All wild game must have applicable tag and license information per State Fish & Game laws at the time of delivery.



All wild game can be converted into delicious smoked or fresh sausage links, summer sausage, salami, or snack stix. Our sausages area 50/50 blend (50% Venison 50% domestic pork butt or beef trim).

Smoked Sausage Flavors

Fresh Sausage Flavors

Salami/ Summer Sausage

Ready to eat in sandwich or with crackers and cheese. Mild smokey flavor. Add Jalapenos and Cheddar or Jack cheese

Venison Snack Stix

A great snack, ready to eat!

Duck Sausage

All duck sausage is a 50/50 duck/pork blend
20 lb minimum per flavor

Duck Stix

10% shrink

*All duck meat must be accompanied by current hunting license. 20 lbs max weight per person, per license.*